Art by Marilyn Speck Ballard
Miss Lily

A Very Old Friend

Sit. Good dog.


Pet Portraits by Artist, Marilyn Speck Ballard

Preserve the precious memory of your pet(s) with a beautiful acrylic painting. Artist’s acrylics look like oils and are just as durable, color-safe, and need no matting or glass. Each painting requires planning, drawing, painstakingly applying many layers of paint, and the final sealing. Depending on details, the sizes listed here, can take from 12 to 60 hours, plus, to complete.

Sizes and Prices:

  • 8x10 Head and shoulders only, *simple background $150.00
  • Additional pets, $50.00 ea.
  • 11x14 Head and shoulders only, *simple background $285.00
  • Additional pets, $50.00 ea.
  • 11x14 Full body, *simple background $345.00
  • Additional pets, $75.00 ea.
  • 16x20 Head and shoulders, *simple background $450.00
  • Additional pets, $100.00 ea.
  • 16x20 Full body, *simple background $525.00
  • Additional pets, $150.00 ea.
  • *Custom backgrounds (those not in the original picture) are an additional cost, depending on details.

These sizes will fit into ready-made standard frames. Prices do not include S & H or framing costs.

You may choose to frame it yourself, or I can frame it for you. Shop for picture frames below.

A $50.00 deposit is required with each order. Payment is expected on delivery.

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed, or you don't pay!


Tips for taking a great photo of your pet:

  • Take photos outside, on a hazy or partly cloudy day. For true color, don't use a flash.
  • Don’t have pet facing bright sunlight. Side lighting is sometimes good, but avoid extremely dark shadows, unless you want a dramatic effect.
  • Subjects need to fill the frames and be in sharp focus.
  • Take close-up of head and eyes, (eye details are important), full body, different angles and poses.
  • Always take pet’s photo at its eye level or below.
  • If needed, ask a friend to help you hold your pet still. Collars, leashes and hands can be painted out.
  • Have a favorite toy or whistle handy, to make the pet’s ears perk up, and be ready to click the shutter.
  • Treats help.

All photos will be returned to you along with your new painting.

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